Who we are

An all-female staff with many years of experience in the field of tourist hospitality.

Discover all the roles, people and passions of our team.


Silvia founded Adriano Group in 2007 when Bologna was not yet a tourist city. The idea has been successful and after the Residence Adriano three more have been opened.
She is always attentive and accurate, she likes moving from one residence to another with her electric bicycle, carefully ensuring that everything is in order. As a professional architect, when she is not in the office Silvia supervises the renovations and furnishes her clients’ apartments.
A lover of nature and horses, when she goes on holiday she loves to ski on the snowy peaks of the Dolomites and travel to discover exotic countries with her daughters


Director assistant & Coordinator, Caterina has a perfect knowledge of all the details of the group. The management of four residences is not a small feat, but ask Caterina, who is always available and very knowledgeable about everything that happens in Adriano Group. Assistant and coordinator, you can find Caterina in the office of the operational headquarters in the centre of Bologna.A graduate in interior design, she also deals with graphics, designing and furnishing of the apartments of the residences.She has a Jack-Russel dog that always accompanies her, sometimes even in the office. When she’s not at work, she spends her afternoons on the hills of Bologna, riding her mountain bike. She loves acting in the theatre and trying out new places and trattorias in Bologna. Her hobbies? Walking or skiing in the mountains.


Front Office Receptionist at Residence Adriano and Case Bianche, Laura is always available to welcome guests, solve problems and attend to their needs. Attentive and scrupulous, she monitors all the the dynamics of the residence and quickly responds to all e-mails requesting for information and reservations. She is always happy and friendly and loves her job, which she has been doing for more than 7 years. Her real passion is cooking and when she is at home she creates amazing gastronomic delicacies for her husband to the rhythm of music, which she still listens to on her old radio. When she goes on holiday she loves to visit the great capitals to discover their history, culture and of course to experiment with new cuisines!